They say it come’s in three’s Cont.

So for some reason I can’t get the cursor to type after I’ve uploaded some photo’s sometimes?! Gah!

1. Allergic reaction.

2. Smashed my bloody phone into pieces and phones 4 u has shut down so my insurance claim can’t be the same now apparently so I’m pissed about that!

3. I’ve been told I need to have a blood test, so yeah not looking forward to that as I’m a massive wimp and I remember it hurting a lot last time I had one done  😦


Anyone who knows me well, knows I love my food. And yesterday I was thinking of ways to eat up the remainder of my Nutella. And I came up with the idea of sandwiching it between rich tea fingers, heavenly! Should really be starting my holiday diet but that’s now post-poned until 1st May  😐 ha.

Heavenly creation.
Heavenly creation.

 Selfies galore.

Here are some selfies after the photo shoot I did recently and also one or two or random ones  🙂

beeee after dc3        after dc2 after dc1

I seem so vain, but I reassure you I’m not! That’s it for today’s blog, thanks for reading, if anyone does  :’)



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