It’s April Already?!

 I can’t get my head around how fast this year is flying by already! Lots of things seem to have happened within the past week/fortnight. They say it comes in threes and for me it has. The first thing being that I have purchased my first ever car, which I am ecstatic about  🙂  I had managed to save up enough money from working to buy myself the car I’ve always wanted, a Mini. I feel a great sense of achievement in doing this and it has taken a very long time, but I have fully paid it off and bought my insurance for it. I feel it’s one of the first steps in becoming a responsible adult and setting me on the right path to become independent and move out. Also I wanted to name my car for abit of fun but I can’t make a decision. I thought I’d give my car a name beginning with M as it’s a Mini but there’s a couple of others I like regarding the colour and number plate of it. The choice is between Martha, Ruby and Tiffany! Haha. 🙂  Here’s a few photos: P1080211 mini4 mini3

I can’t wait to save up some more so that I can get some decent black alloys and have black stripes put over it!

The second thing to happen was that on the morning of April fools day I decided to prank my boyfriend. He has to work outside most of the day at his job and he had told me it had been hailing the day before. So I decided to play a light hearted joke on him and say it’d snowed. And my mum had done this to me before so that’s why I thought of it. I got him good but then I thought he was getting me back when he said something. He told me that he had booked our holiday abroad this year for us. Of course I was sceptical, after all it was April fools day. But then he showed me the booking confirmation email to prove it. So in the space of a day I had gotten my own car AND my boyfriend had put a deposit down for 2 weeks away in Tenerife in July!I’m so excited about it, we’re going to stay in a Hotel in Los Cristianos. If anyone knows of anything fun to do there etc let me know please! Here’s a couple of photos of where we will be staying:

pic1 pic2

And last but not least something else has happened that will be a big change in my life for a while. I can’t say anything much online at the moment as I haven’t informed the correct people about it yet. But I am very nervous about it all and it will be very mentally challenging. Hopefully it’ll all work out, but there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted out first.

Here’s 2 more photos from this week including a my new crop top from Topshop that I’ve bought to wear on my jollys!

steering  wheel topshopcrop

And that’s all I have to blog about today guys as I currently have a sickness bug and I’m feeling very rubbish 😦

Have a great Easter this Sunday!



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