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Today’s second post is on all the different hairstyles I’ve had since 2010-2015. I’m so tempted to get a fringe put back in as it’s really awkward having to pin my side fringe up for work and looks naff. Opinions would be good.  😀 Spamming with 9 photos:











Modelling and photography.

Today’s post includes photographs of me from a shoot on 25th June 2014 by a local photographer. I thought I’d share some of those photos with you guys. I am by no means a model or trying to be one, it was just simply a bit of fun as I had seen the photographers work on social media and admired them, and also fancied getting some taken myself. I would, however, love to be behind the camera. I have always loved taking photographs of people, landscapes and animals. In 2010 I purchased a Panasonic camera, but I would love it if anyone could recommend me an excellent camera that I could invest my money into and also some Photoshop tips would be helpful as obviously I’m new to it all. I would be interested in doing another shoot at some point in this year, but we’ll see.  🙂 Picture spam time:










Winter/Spring fashion.

So recently, I’ve been into my leggings seeing as though it’s winter and I’m not one of these silly little girls who would rather catch pneumonia rather than cover the f— up like any normal human being. In the photos uploaded underneath, both pairs of leggings are from River Island. Love love LOVE their leggings and trousers, they always fit so well! I’m into monochrome, neutral colours and dogtooth patterns at the minute  🙂   Black crop top – Topshop, Black short sleeved top – New Look.

leggings1 leggings2

The dress I’m trying on in the photo below is from River Island. It’s currently still in the bag it came in as I’m undecided whether it looks good or not. Opinions would be great!

leather dress


Product Review!

Simple age resisting eye cream.

So today I thought I’d have a go at reviewing a few beauty products. If, like me, you have combination or sensitive skin and you’re looking for an eye cream then I have just the thing for you! I have tried a couple of eye creams that state to wear them both day and night but they always feel so thick, gloopy and never absorb into my skin. I cannot rave about Simple age resisting eye cream enough! Thank goodness I’ve found an eye cream that feels really light and absorbs into my skin within at least 30 seconds after applying it  😀 I haven’t been using it for long, but most moisturisers for some reason, give me spots if I use them regularly but so far so good with this one. I have to be very careful with what products I use as I’m allergic to some ingredients in bubble bath, body wash, soaps and body soufflés but so far all the Simple products seem to agree with me. Damn I feel old reviewing an eye cream but hey ho!

make up

MUA – Make Up Academy lipstick in Nectar.

This is one of two products I have recently purchased over the Christmas period from MUA. Wow, the colour is stunning, ever so bright and attractive. I love the tone and it’s right on trend at the moment. It’s not a matte lipstick like I usually tend to steer towards, it’s very creamy in texture. But it stays on really quite well! I can’t believe the lipsticks are only £1 each it’s crazy, I’ll definitely be buying more from this range 🙂 I also purchased a concealer from the MUA stand and I’m pretty sure that was only £1-2 and it’s equally as good. Great quality and cheap prices, I totally recommend them! 🙂

Rimmel London – Eyebrow pencil.

On to eyebrows now. I always used to pluck/get my eyebrows waxed really thin and now I’m regretting it as thick eyebrows are in again. I’ve been trying to grow them back for a while now but it’s a very slow and boring process. I wouldn’t advice anyone to overly pluck their eyebrows for a few years as they do start to become resilient to grow back which is annoying!! 😦 In the meantime I’m using Rimmel London’s medium brown eyebrow pencil to give them some defining colour and a little bit of shape. My eyebrows are so light in colour naturally that they need so colour to be noticed. Here’s a photo with just one of my eyebrows done so you can see the difference it makes. Excuse my rubbish eyelashes, they’re naturally unfabulous 😦  Oh, and yes I would recommend this product 🙂