They say it come’s in three’s Cont.

So for some reason I can’t get the cursor to type after I’ve uploaded some photo’s sometimes?! Gah!

1. Allergic reaction.

2. Smashed my bloody phone into pieces and phones 4 u has shut down so my insurance claim can’t be the same now apparently so I’m pissed about that!

3. I’ve been told I need to have a blood test, so yeah not looking forward to that as I’m a massive wimp and I remember it hurting a lot last time I had one done  😦


Anyone who knows me well, knows I love my food. And yesterday I was thinking of ways to eat up the remainder of my Nutella. And I came up with the idea of sandwiching it between rich tea fingers, heavenly! Should really be starting my holiday diet but that’s now post-poned until 1st May  😐 ha.

Heavenly creation.
Heavenly creation.

 Selfies galore.

Here are some selfies after the photo shoot I did recently and also one or two or random ones  🙂

beeee after dc3        after dc2 after dc1

I seem so vain, but I reassure you I’m not! That’s it for today’s blog, thanks for reading, if anyone does  :’)



They say it comes in three’s…

On Wednesday afternoon I went to my friends salon and she put a silicon mask on my face as part of a project for her uni work. She’s currently studying effects make up there. Little did I know that I would be allergic to this. I was completely fine for the rest of that day but woke up the next morning with a little bit of an itchy rash on the one side of my face that the mask had been applied to. I thought nothing of it and it didn’t seem to bother me. But by the next morning I woke up and thought it was odd that I couldn’t seem to open my left fully. I looked into the bathroom mirror to find my eye was half closed due to really bad swelling and my whole face and neck was covered in an awful, thick red rash. I looked as if I had really bad sun burn! After work that day it had progressive gotten worse and my mum decided it was time to get me to hospital to have it checked out before it got even worse. I was proscribed some tablets and cream for my allergic reaction. Today is Tuesday, my eye isn’t swollen anymore but my face is bright red and feels like it’s on fire still 😦  Moral of the story, always have a patch test before using new products!! I cannot stress this enough. I am aware that I do have allergic reactions to other things including; some swimming pools due to chlorine, shower gel, bubble bath, soaps and body lotions/moisturisers. It’s such a pain, I’d love to be able to try Lush bath bombs but I know I’d react badly to them so it’s just not worth it. The only bubble bath I can use is from the Simple range, their products are a God send! And here’s a photo of me looking sad and horrendous but just to show how bad the reaction was. It’s hard to see the redness in the photo as it was taken inside, but believe me I was tomato red!:

   allergic reaction


So I did a recent shoot with David Clic, lucky a week before the reaction happened. It was just a bit of fun  and I enjoyed it! He was really nice and gave good direction. Although I haven’t received my final photo, here’s a sneak peek  🙂

dc1                                                               dc2 dc3

It’s April Already?!

 I can’t get my head around how fast this year is flying by already! Lots of things seem to have happened within the past week/fortnight. They say it comes in threes and for me it has. The first thing being that I have purchased my first ever car, which I am ecstatic about  🙂  I had managed to save up enough money from working to buy myself the car I’ve always wanted, a Mini. I feel a great sense of achievement in doing this and it has taken a very long time, but I have fully paid it off and bought my insurance for it. I feel it’s one of the first steps in becoming a responsible adult and setting me on the right path to become independent and move out. Also I wanted to name my car for abit of fun but I can’t make a decision. I thought I’d give my car a name beginning with M as it’s a Mini but there’s a couple of others I like regarding the colour and number plate of it. The choice is between Martha, Ruby and Tiffany! Haha. 🙂  Here’s a few photos: P1080211 mini4 mini3

I can’t wait to save up some more so that I can get some decent black alloys and have black stripes put over it!

The second thing to happen was that on the morning of April fools day I decided to prank my boyfriend. He has to work outside most of the day at his job and he had told me it had been hailing the day before. So I decided to play a light hearted joke on him and say it’d snowed. And my mum had done this to me before so that’s why I thought of it. I got him good but then I thought he was getting me back when he said something. He told me that he had booked our holiday abroad this year for us. Of course I was sceptical, after all it was April fools day. But then he showed me the booking confirmation email to prove it. So in the space of a day I had gotten my own car AND my boyfriend had put a deposit down for 2 weeks away in Tenerife in July!I’m so excited about it, we’re going to stay in a Hotel in Los Cristianos. If anyone knows of anything fun to do there etc let me know please! Here’s a couple of photos of where we will be staying:

pic1 pic2

And last but not least something else has happened that will be a big change in my life for a while. I can’t say anything much online at the moment as I haven’t informed the correct people about it yet. But I am very nervous about it all and it will be very mentally challenging. Hopefully it’ll all work out, but there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be sorted out first.

Here’s 2 more photos from this week including a my new crop top from Topshop that I’ve bought to wear on my jollys!

steering  wheel topshopcrop

And that’s all I have to blog about today guys as I currently have a sickness bug and I’m feeling very rubbish 😦

Have a great Easter this Sunday!


If you go down to the woods today…

So here are some photos that I have been waiting to upload from back in February. I’ve been busy with work and now I have a week off, so things are getting done finally!

I took a trip to the local woods and took some photographs of my bestie. I also set up the camera as to how I wanted it and asked my friend to return the favour and hit the shoot button when it was my turn. It was a fab day full of laughs and gossip inbetween photos and I’m lucky to have her! A few of the photos are listed below. I have always been interested in becoming a photographer, but I need some professional guidance in order to grow. If anyone would like to give me any hints or tips please comment below  🙂

branches blk and wht  P1080160 P1080165 P1080186 tree pic1 woods close up1 straight pose woods


All monsters are human.

On today’s blog post I’m happy to share photos of my friend’s new place. I just had to take a few snaps as the house is so beautiful. I may upload more in the future. They have the most wonderful windows inside, see for yourself. I’ve tried to turn the theme of the shoot into that of “Murder House” from American Horror Story, as it too, is a huge and lovely house.

I love how romantic the layout of the kitchen/diner is here.
The staircase leading to the back door.

I’ve tried to make the hallway/staircase appear ghostly and haunting. I want people to imagine meeting one of the cast of American Horror Story here, for example Evan Peters who plays Tate in murder house. This quote seems to fit accordingly to the loneliness that lingers in the photo, much like Tate in the Murder House:

I prepare for the noble war. I’m calm; I know the secret. I know what’s coming, and I know no one can stop me, including myself. I kill people I like. Some of them beg for their life. I don’t feel sad. I don’t feel anything. It’s a filthy world we live in … and honestly, I feel like I am helping to take them somewhere clean and kind. The world is a filthy horror show. There’s so much pain, you know? There’s so much… There is something about all that blood.”

Laurendeanna xoxo


Today’s second post is on all the different hairstyles I’ve had since 2010-2015. I’m so tempted to get a fringe put back in as it’s really awkward having to pin my side fringe up for work and looks naff. Opinions would be good.  😀 Spamming with 9 photos:










Modelling and photography.

Today’s post includes photographs of me from a shoot on 25th June 2014 by a local photographer. I thought I’d share some of those photos with you guys. I am by no means a model or trying to be one, it was just simply a bit of fun as I had seen the photographers work on social media and admired them, and also fancied getting some taken myself. I would, however, love to be behind the camera. I have always loved taking photographs of people, landscapes and animals. In 2010 I purchased a Panasonic camera, but I would love it if anyone could recommend me an excellent camera that I could invest my money into and also some Photoshop tips would be helpful as obviously I’m new to it all. I would be interested in doing another shoot at some point in this year, but we’ll see.  🙂 Picture spam time:










Winter/Spring fashion.

So recently, I’ve been into my leggings seeing as though it’s winter and I’m not one of these silly little girls who would rather catch pneumonia rather than cover the f— up like any normal human being. In the photos uploaded underneath, both pairs of leggings are from River Island. Love love LOVE their leggings and trousers, they always fit so well! I’m into monochrome, neutral colours and dogtooth patterns at the minute  🙂   Black crop top – Topshop, Black short sleeved top – New Look.

leggings1 leggings2

The dress I’m trying on in the photo below is from River Island. It’s currently still in the bag it came in as I’m undecided whether it looks good or not. Opinions would be great!

leather dress


Product Review!

Simple age resisting eye cream.

So today I thought I’d have a go at reviewing a few beauty products. If, like me, you have combination or sensitive skin and you’re looking for an eye cream then I have just the thing for you! I have tried a couple of eye creams that state to wear them both day and night but they always feel so thick, gloopy and never absorb into my skin. I cannot rave about Simple age resisting eye cream enough! Thank goodness I’ve found an eye cream that feels really light and absorbs into my skin within at least 30 seconds after applying it  😀 I haven’t been using it for long, but most moisturisers for some reason, give me spots if I use them regularly but so far so good with this one. I have to be very careful with what products I use as I’m allergic to some ingredients in bubble bath, body wash, soaps and body soufflés but so far all the Simple products seem to agree with me. Damn I feel old reviewing an eye cream but hey ho!

make up

MUA – Make Up Academy lipstick in Nectar.

This is one of two products I have recently purchased over the Christmas period from MUA. Wow, the colour is stunning, ever so bright and attractive. I love the tone and it’s right on trend at the moment. It’s not a matte lipstick like I usually tend to steer towards, it’s very creamy in texture. But it stays on really quite well! I can’t believe the lipsticks are only £1 each it’s crazy, I’ll definitely be buying more from this range 🙂 I also purchased a concealer from the MUA stand and I’m pretty sure that was only £1-2 and it’s equally as good. Great quality and cheap prices, I totally recommend them! 🙂

Rimmel London – Eyebrow pencil.

On to eyebrows now. I always used to pluck/get my eyebrows waxed really thin and now I’m regretting it as thick eyebrows are in again. I’ve been trying to grow them back for a while now but it’s a very slow and boring process. I wouldn’t advice anyone to overly pluck their eyebrows for a few years as they do start to become resilient to grow back which is annoying!! 😦 In the meantime I’m using Rimmel London’s medium brown eyebrow pencil to give them some defining colour and a little bit of shape. My eyebrows are so light in colour naturally that they need so colour to be noticed. Here’s a photo with just one of my eyebrows done so you can see the difference it makes. Excuse my rubbish eyelashes, they’re naturally unfabulous 😦  Oh, and yes I would recommend this product 🙂


Happy holidays!


Today I’m reflecting on the previous few days that have passed. It was CHRISTMAS on Thursday and it was a good un! My aunty, uncle, two cousins and their fairly new addition to the family, puppy Jess came down to Lincolnshire for the day. I don’t get to see them very often as they live in Leicestershire, but I suppose when I do it makes it even more special. We spent the day at my Grandparent’s house which I was particularly pleased about as my Grandma cooks the best roast dinners! So after stuffing ourselves with all the trimmings and pudding afterwards, we had a visit from my other younger cousin who’s 17 and lives just around the corner. She was asked what she had bought her boyfriend for Christmas, something she won’t be forgetting anytime soon. She told us she had bought him a “vin-al” and my family began to laugh, she obviously meant vinyl!

I then took the pup out for the first time which was lovely and got some very fresh air into my lungs. It was then time to watch ol’ queen doing her speech. How cute does she look in her outfits! I hope I look that good when I get to her age  🙂 After having more chilled out vibes with the family I headed of to the boyfriends for nine o’clock. We stuck good old Home Alone on but we were exhausted from the days excitement and passed out for the night after getting 5 minutes into it!

Boxing day vibes.

Boxing day then commenced with an early start by nipping into town to see what the sales had in store for us. The thing that really annoys me is that the changing rooms are always closed in the shops argh!! I did however manage to purchase a lovely little black number from River Island. It’s a tight fitting black dress with a PVC top and halter neck style. I have waaaay too many dresses but I just had to have it! If anyone can give me tips on how to sell some of my other dresses I would be grateful as I want to get rid of a load of old ones. I’m terrible, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams and I have also taken up a whole half of my mum’s wardrobe up now eek.

After all the hectic shopping had ended I then popped to see my childhood friend but not for long as I was wanted at my aunty and uncle’s house for family gathering part 2. We had such a great feast of food, my choice being curry and also a slice of rocky road made by my aunty which was amazing! Only thing is, it was the first time introducing my boyfriend to the family and they were on him like a tramp on chips like I knew they would be. Totally annoying an predictable which is irritating and won’t be happening again anytime soon. Cheers for that!

So I think I’ll end this post with a few photographs of the gifts I received and a photo or two of my family. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Also if anyone has any fancy dress ideas please comment below. That’s the next drama, looking for a costume for a New Years Eve party I’m off to. Ciao for now. Laurendeannaxoxo.

ben in onesie cousins family selfie jess walk mustashe presents